Långsbo, Mantorp

Långsbo Mantorp is located 250 km southwest of Stockholm, and 45 km South of Linköping. In the countryside, 5 km west of the village Rimforsa. 

In Långsbo Mantorp, you as a guest will live in a modern equipped house, close to nature, and 10 minutes to public transportation that connects wherever you want.  

The goal is to provide a modern living in a wonderful countryside, and at the same time have the town and service in the neighborhood. Or, in a shorter description, "the best of two worlds". 

Långbo Mantorp is the perfect choice for the active family. 10 steps from the entrance, miles of perfect way for jogging, biking are waiting for you. A nice garden, prepared for socialization, playing, and barbecue and more. 

Why not go for mushroom hunting, or animal safari, available only 1 minute away. 

And again, with car, or by the public transportation (10 minutes away). You will reach everything. For example, regional attractions like Astrid Lingren Värld, Kolmården Zoo, Old Town in LInköping, Vadstena, or the caves Trollegater 5 km from Långsbo Mantorp. 

Or maybe spend some hours with Netflix ;) 

Långsbo Mantorp, facts 

Built: 1950, renovated 1994and 2020. 

Size and beds: 2 bedrooms (2+4), a living room, a dining/playing/working room, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen. 

Distance to: 

Nature and relaxations: 0 meters. 

Neighbors: 50 meters. 

Supermarket: 6 km. 

Airport: 45 km. 

Shopping: 45 km. 

Alcohol shop: 23 km. 

Restaurants with quality: 6 km. 

Golf: 17 km. 

Lake: 300 meters. 

Coordinates: 58.114338, 15.626651

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