About us

My name is Johan Igheimer and it’s me that owns Appelkullen and the company that provides the services connected to Appelkullen and my other farms. I’m 53 years old and have grown up in the village Rimforsa that is located 13 kilometer from Appelkullen. Today I live close to Rimforsa together with my wife Therese plus the dog Amber and the cat Majsan.  I have a son named Andreas that lives with his wife and three childs at a farm between my home and Appelkullen. On a daily basis, I run an IT company in Linköping together with a wonderful team.

My idea was not to work as an entrepreneur in the IT business. The plan was to work with forestry and hunting and that was what I started with but converted for some reason, don’t ask me why ;) I have always loved the forest and farms and want to have one foot still in this business. During 2004 so did I buy the farm Appelkullen that has an area of 47 hectares. My main interest was the forest, the farm also had some houses in bad shape and my entrepreneur genes could stop me from doing something with the house and here we are. Some short facts about the house. Built in 1850 and upgraded  to more modern standard 1940 (I guess). Total renovated by me and  my family 2007. Some curiosity is that until the 1990 so lived a woman with name Anna in Appelkullen, she got more than 100 years old. 

I mentioned earlier that I have more farms that support my business. In 2014 so did I take the next step to fulfill my love of forestry and nature and added one more farm. This farm is closer to Rimforsa and has an area of e 34 hectares, today lives my son and his family at this farm. Last year ( 2020) so did I add 90 more hectares to the portfolio. This farm has only pure Swedish forest and no buildings. The land is located 6 kilometers from Appelkullen.  

Back to Appelkullen and the area in connection with the house. This is the real southern Sweden countryside. The house are standing alone and the distance to the closest neighbor is enough to get a relaxed stay. As a guest you have the whole farm available. During the spring and summer period the cows are eating only 20 meters from the house. Behind the big barn you find the way to the lake Drögen with your own place for taking a bath or maybe only for relaxing.   

Very welcome to me and Appelkullen.