We can offer individual and smaller groups high quality hunting sessions in combination with 

Self catering and living in Appelkullen. The hunting will be provided at own or at third party owned areas. All hunting are of course supported by guides with long experience and the hunting management will be held in English or  Swedish.

We are real hunters with the philosophy that hunting starts with good wildlife, sensible maintenance of the populations followed by respectful and ethical hunting and that all ends with a gastronomic final when we share the gifts from nature with friends at the table. 

Only serious hunters are welcome. Shooters with focus on the killing will probably find a better offer from another supplier alternatively it’s better to stop trying to be a hunter.     

Roe-buck hunting in the middle of August.

The area is well known for its high standard of trofees. Several trophies with weights over 500 grams have been harvested depending on great natural conditions and sensible management of the population. The available areas differ from 100 % pure forest to 100 % pure fields and everything there between. Available methods are ​​​​​​​​​​​​sit hunting, stealth-hunting and call-hunting. 

Geese hunting 

During late autumn and winter there are a great number of Canadian and Grey geese that stop in our region on their way southern. In the best of days there can be up to 2 000 of the big birds moving in, or close to the actual hunting-area. The method used for the hunting is with decoys and calls. 

Boar hunting

Since 20 years we in the south part of Sweden again have a healthy population of boar after a long time of absence. The boars are a natural animal in the Swedish fauna and we that are real hunters are very excited of their comeback. The boars offer a really nice hunting experience and also provide us with a fantastic meat. Available methods are ​​​​​​​​​​​​sit hunting and stealth-hunting.

Arranged driven hunt for deer, moose and boar

We arrange during the season a limited number of times we hunt roe-deer, fallow-deer, moose, boar and where applicable also included red deer. The used method is traditional Swedish hunting with dogs and people penetrating selected sub-areas and hunters are posting at well known highways for the animals. 


We can offer individual and smaller groups high quality fishing sessions in combination with Self catering and living in Appelkullen. The house is closed to the lake Drögen. Frögen is a untouched lake formed by nature itself, where depth goes down to 40 meters and with shallow bays can be found just around every corner. From a professional anglers point of view, this is a varied lake where many of the fishing methods has proven themself very effective. The mysterious lake Drögen with its many coves, rocky slopes, islands, and maximum depth of over 30 meters, where large pike and perch lies and waits for the hopeful angler. This lake is very varied from an angler's point of view. Large pike will gladly visit the lake's shallow bays, located right on the edge of the deep slopes, where they usually live. On the sonar, you can often see schools of whitefish (Coregonus albula) "guarded" by one of the many huge pikes. Each season captures our guests pike of over 110 cm.

Avaible boats to rent 

Terhi 6020 ( 4,6 meter)  with Tohatu 4 stroke engine (15 or 20 Hp)

Buster large ( 4,9 meter) with Yamaha 4 stroke ( 50 Hp). This boat is equipped with a Minkota front moutned electric engine and 10 inch Hummingbird Sonat ( Helix 10). 

Of course so are our boats equipeed rod holders etc.